Is Passive Nature Rewarded Or Not?


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The present world is full of different class of people who had different kinds of natures, which is reflected from their behavior and attitude. Good-natured people are respected and welcomed everywhere while bad natured people are rejected and refuted everywhere in the society. Now it depends upon the man to which class of person he wants to place himself. Your question that whether it is passive nature rewarded or not can be explained in the following way.
Basically passive nature we can say that it is a sort of submissive nature. Such class of people does not like to highlight themselves and always remain busy in cooperation to others. Such type of people though bears many troubles and hardships physically as well as mentally yet they don't lose heart and go on doing that job, which is imposed on them knowingly or unknowingly. They always remain happy and contented with the blessings given to them by God Almighty. As they do not demand much from this world and remain cooperative, the society in turn respects these types of people and they are rewarded both by God as well as people.
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Not much. I'm taking a parenting class at church and we just covered this last night. Authoritary is better, but not too extreme. It's so important, also to follow through with discipline. If you make idle threats, you are only hurting the child in the long run.

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