Has Anyone Accidentally Eaten Paper When Eating Wrapped Food?


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Oh, all the time. I usually find that eating individually-wrapped candy is a complete nightmare because of this!

Is It Dangerous To Eat Paper?
Paper doesn't exactly count as one of your five-a-day, but it won't do you any harm if you accidentally eat a piece every now and then.

It's not too difficult for your body to digest, so I wouldn't worry about it too much, if I were you!

What Type Of Food Wrappers Are Commonly Eaten?
  • Baking paper that's been mistaken for edible rice paper
  • Paper from individually-wrapped candies and toffees
  • Paper that fish and chips are wrapped in
  • Fruit stickers
  • Cake cases
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For sure, as it's really tasty with tomato relish or salsa dip, haha.
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Maxine Chan
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Why cant paper be edible or is it edible?
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Well i've eaten the fast food paper & it's done me no harm lol.
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I don't know if anyone has ever tried those little white spongy twirly packaging thingies, but in my experience, they taste remarkably similiar to the salt and vinegar puffs you used to be able to get years ago, with slight undertones of lemon, mint and saffron that really complement each other.

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