What is your wildest dream? I want to go skydiving:)


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Ray Ottewell answered
I used to go caving (speleology) and did so for 6 years, belonging to a caving club.That was some of the most exiting and dangerous, times of my life, that was back in my twenties. Now even though I am in my fifties, my ''wildest dream'' is to go caving in the wildest most dangerous cave in the world.
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To wake up in a world where peace and harmony exists amoung all men, where evryone can feel safe and a part of something special, and where each individual finds the person of their dreams to share their lives together
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Janey commented
Your wildest dream? Nah mate jog on and run that one past someone a bit more gullible than me.
Ray Ottewell
Ray Ottewell commented
Yes you are alowed to express you views Daniel, as long as , you don't swear, and you should not be put down for your answers, we should be praising eachothers answers, or just leave it be.
Maria Not Telling
Thrift janey I mean just cause it's not ur dream does not mean u have the right to insult it. It's his dream so leave him alone u don't have the right to insult anyone else's dream
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My wildest dream? ...First I want to climb mount Kilimanjaro , and then I want to skii on the swiss alps and camp in the beautiful scenery of Sligo Ireland and then Head to Monaco and race cars there! XD and thenn!..Snowboarding in Russia and On the camels and touring in a hot desert! XD and explore Cairo , and then Bungee Jump 22sq feet! XD and.....thenn go on the G-Max Reverse Bungee in Singapore and...go hiking on the steepest mountains!..and thenn....go to iceland..and explore! And thenn...sky diving in Lake Taupo in New Zealand...and the list goes onn! 8)
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Hmm...I think my wildest dream is to get into doctors with out borders and help people all over the world
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Walk along the Great Wall Of China to take in the whole sense of history and culture.
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Well my dad said I can go skydiving with hiM in a few years when I'm 16 and I'm really looking forward to that=) and I also want to go bungee jumping, rock climbinh, surfing, air surfing, parachuting and mountain climbing=)

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