Is ray william johnson dating meekakitty?


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Amanda Wells answered
A lot of people believe that he is, but if so they have never told anyone publicly. There is even a group dedicated to chatting about this topic.
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No, I don't think they're dating. I just think they're really good friends!! I'm not sure what kind of history they have together, but they obviously have known each other for a while. Again, I think they're just really good friends!! But who knows? He's pretty on the DL about his love life (besides the whole, your mom thing lol). And the chick with the red hair is named Meekakitty-I don't know her real name. And yes, she does have her own channel on YouTube-I know it's more on just random stuff and she's given some advice out for modeling but that's about it (some of her videos still make like the top 50 of the day when she releases them).
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Hahaha. No. She doesn't even like him that much. He is hated by many youtubers.  I would definitely say a majority hate him. He is dating an Asian chick.

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