What cause crime,gang violence and bad behaviour among teenagers?


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I don't think its a fair assessment to say its bad parenting. There are thousands of good hard working parents who want the best for their kids, but their environment doesn't offer much for the kids like recreation centers, nice parks, basketball courts. Etc. The gangs are out of control and our police officers are not really focusing on them. They'd rather arrest someone who is jay walking or arrest someone who didn't feed their dog. Inside of the prison they allow these men to hang out with their own gangs and races. They shouldn't do that. It just makes things worse. They need to be offered good schools in their areas, forms of recreation, big brothers that have good jobs. Its mostly in hispanic and black areas where the only way they can make money is to join a gang. Many times a good kid who is studying hard gets killed or gets threatened to join a gang. I pray that they will all just stop before Jesus comes. He is coming very soon and these young men have so much to offer...if they only knew.

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