How would you contribute to growth of your child?


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John Profile
John answered
As they grew up I would teach them everything I knew and then tell them to invent something that would sell millions of units then sit back and collect their royalties  to do whatever they wanted to do in life.oh! And feed cloth and shelter them and send them off to school/summer camp to learn what I can't teach them..
Shahzada ayoub Profile
Shahzada ayoub answered
By providing balance died and gud nourishment. ...too  easy question!
Joe B. Profile
Joe B. answered
I suppose if I were to be cursed with a kid..... Maybe feeding them properly would help grow them
Jon Asaviour Profile
Jon Asaviour answered
Fulfill his/her basic needs , give them good education , teach them how to live a good life and to mind there own business , if they are willing to listen then I will tell them about my God

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