How Do You Stop Mail For A Deceased Relative?


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There may be different steps according to the state you are in. I would consult the post office in the area where the deceased lived. If they are unable to help, I would write deceased on the envelope and return to sender.
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You can stop a lot by going to the DMA web site and register for $1 which is direct marketing association it take about 3 months to see results. You can also have the mail redirected to go to a executor or adminastrator you can do that right at the post office
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You need to go to
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I am the executor
my mother died in 2006- I have started getting another round
to stop the junk- any 3rd class you mark deceased just goes in the trash at the Post office
even if you put postage on it You have to black out the bar code- That may not work
Direct Marketer's assoc helps a lot
what the junk still makes it thru (sold mailing lists) it is find the customer service number and call
I have stopped the why haven't your ordered on one service & started getting become anew subscriber.
You have to use each variation of name your relative used ie
F. Dexxxxxxx, Florence Dexxxxxx, Flora Dexxxxxx
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