Are We Luckier Than Our Fore Fathers?


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Some would say yes, because we have more advanced technology, we can just go to the store to get some food, and everything is so easy! Others would say no, because they didn't have to worry about global warming and everything was simple without all these problems going on today. That question can be answered for sure, it is more of an opinion, everyone will have their own say in this.
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I suppose when everything is laid out and balanced, yes we do have it much better than our founders had it.
Technology and scientific advancements allow us much more comfort and practical use than ever before.
We can say we live in a much more complex world, but their world was complex for the time.

They did things I am not confident people would have the stomach to do these days.
But yes to your question, we are luckier than they were. I would much rather be a poor person today than in Jefferson's time for example.... I have no idea what became of poor people then, but I imagine they did not have a cot to sleep in or a potential turkey dinner at thanksgiving to look forward to.

Poverty sucks no matter when it is happening, but today's poverty is still leaps and bounds better than poverty from that time period.
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I guess we are luckier than our forefathers because we have almost everything to make our life much easier.
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Yes we are because we have more facilities than them. But what we are missing these days when compared to our forefathers time is ethics, value was given to ethics.

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