Does My Background Affect My Personality Traits?


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Yes! Personality traits are strongly linked with the background. Just take the example of your birth order. Even your birth order has an impact on your personality traits. Kevin Leman has given much details about the birth order of child and his personality traits. According to his views about only child, one child in a family is more responsible and he gets mature more quickly as compare to two kids or more than two. Similarly your educational background has a strong impact on your personality trait. Moreover, heritability can also play an important role.
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Katie Harry answered
Basically there are two kinds of personality traits in every person. The first are the traits that you inherit from your family and the second are the learned or environmental traits which are due to home environment and other life experiences.

It is scientifically proven that there are some traits which are hereditary and they don’t have anything to do with the life experiences. They can strengthen with experience but they are the basic part of your personality because of your genetic background. The other traits are those which you develop overtime due to various incidents in life. These are the learned traits and these can be eliminated with effort.

Some of the traits which are found to be strongly affected by your genetic background are leadership, your degree of obedience to authority, how passionate you are about your life and how you see it and to some extent aesthetics as well but they transform over a period of time.  Your inclination towards achievement is a trait that is basically genetic but it develops to a great extent with the experiences in life.

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