I Smoked Marijuana Last Night And I Breastfeed, How Long Should I Wait Before I Start Breastfeeding Again?


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Instead of judging this woman, I think it's best to provide her with information that will help her in making the decision to breastfeed or not. From what I've learned the risks aren't well known and haven't been studied extensively enough, but there is still some evidence showing that marijuana effects the child through breast milk, and can cause many adverse effects. For example, it can cause your child to become lethargic, less frequent feeding, shorter feeding times, and in large doses could cause growth delays. Although, since health studies have been inconclusive it is recommended that the benefits of breastfeeding outweigh the potential risks of smoking marijuana (unless of course it is laced) therefore it is recommended by health officials that (like cigarette smoking) a woman should continue breast feeding while decreasing her usage of smoking marijuana. Since the results are inconclusive and more studies have not been done it is impossible to predict the effects it may have on your baby. Also be aware that some studies have shown a link between exposure to marijuana as an infant and issues in later childhood ranging from behavioral problems to learning disabilities. The most important thing to remember is that when smoking marijuana you aren't always in a proper state of mind to care for your infant anyways, even more so if you have no tolerance to this substance. I hope this helped, as I tried to provide a good, solid response that would help in making your ultimate decision.
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When smoking marijuana, it all depends on how much you used. If you only smoked once then you really only need to wait 7-8 days to be certain. If you have smoked constantly and then stopped I suggest waiting 2-3 weeks.
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Don't worry about it. There's nothing harmful in weed that can get passed to a baby this way. Truth.
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I agree with loni lennard... I don't smoke, but when I was in the hospital after my c-section they gave me perks every 4 hrs for 5 days and they still had me breast feed and I even tlked to a lactation consultant. Ibprofen is actually worse because it can cause cardovasular problems.. But I would guess by mabey the same effects that smoking cigarettes does to breast milk id look it up and like the pain killers do make your baby more sleepy, so that's what I think it may do. Also if you rarely smoke weed I know you could pass a drug test in 5 days. I actually think the perks in the hospital would be more harmful to an infant then taking a couple hits of weed... Also someone I know actually had the balls to ask her doctor about smoking it vrs. Cigarettes during pregnancy and he said he'd rather her take a couple hits of weed then smoke cigarettes everyday.. And I think they want you to throw out breast milk for 24hrs after drinking a few alcholic drinks.. My guess is 3 days hopefully my information could help you decide or make a decision.. Better yet I just thought of this, you could call a pharmacy in california and ask a pharmacist and it would be anonomous and pharmacist always will tell you what they know its worth a try..
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Depends on you, check online how weed/THC/ marijuana can affect the baby and you will need min 5-7 days to drop down the thc concentration.
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Well if you don't want your baby feeling some that thc throw it out and it should a hole month to be out your system I don't know you should a docter really.
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These drugs last a long time in your system  and nothing you ca do about it so the baby is suffering due to your stupidity and doesnt stand a chance as any drug lasts longer in the baby and does far more lasting or long range damage than it does in you
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Dear me woman, have you no idea how the world works? You have been blessed with another human being to look after.

I am not a doctor, but I think breastfeeding is probably out of the question for a while - you should seek medical advice (and possibly help to get off the grass also).

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