What Is The Real Size Of An Indian Vagina?


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There are numerous misconceptions about vaginas and size. What you need to know is that the vagina is "elastic" meaning that it can expand. During childbirth the vagina can expand to 10 centimeters or 4 inches. During sexual arousal it will also expand depending on the stimulation provided. What most individuals are concerned about with regard to vagina size is stimulation during intercourse. Men are usually longer than 4 inches, which means they are able to reach and stimulate the nerve endings that lead to orgasms.

However, it is also possible to reach too far towards the cervix, which can create discomfort for the female. This does not mean her size is any smaller than the average individual. It just means one has to be aware of vagina size and not reach too far. In fact the "deeper regions" of the vagina are not going to be the areas of sensual pleasure meaning that staying 1 to 3 inches inside the vagina will be the best areas to be for orgasm.

Before actual vaginal penetration it can be important for foreplay in order to use the elasticity of the vagina as a means to prepare for the actual penetration. This can lessen the discomfort one feels based on penis size. It has actually been studied that a shorter penis can be better for a woman given the stimulation points.

Indian women are really no different when it comes to the size of their vagina than other ethnicities given what nature has intended. It is meant to be used as part of the birth canal to ensure the baby is delivered safely. Therefore, the vagina size has to accommodate the birth of a child and that will determine the size the vagina will increase to.

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