What Is Moral Recovery Program?


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The moral recovery program is a program that encourages members of the public to live in a moral and correct way. The program does have religious connections, but is more about rebuilding a 'people nation' and retaining a sense of community spirit. The moral recovery program takes place in the Philippines. Residents in the region are encouraged to get involved with the program. Those behind the program believe that if it is successful, it could cause reduced crime levels and an overwhelming sense of social union that would be beneficial to everyone. The moral recovery program is widely encouraged by the Filipino government, and also has connections to local police forces in the Philippines.
  • The philosophy of the moral recovery program
The moral recovery program aims to encourage individuals to develop good moral characters. It promotes the importance of honesty, integrity and kindness. The program highlights how helping others in the community and beyond is important. One idea the program often uses is the 'butterfly effect'. This is the idea that a small deed by one person to another could make this person do an even greater good deed, and so on, leading to enormous good deeds in the end. The moral recovery program also involves elements such as loving those around you, having a sense of justice and persevering through tasks. Although the program also includes subjects such as loving and worshipping God, these religious elements are not fundamental and do not define the program.
  • The benefits of the program
If the program is successful in creating individuals with a good moral sense, this could be highly beneficial to society. People are less likely to commit crimes, more likely to help those in need and increasingly inclined to do good in their community. In a sense, the program prevents community problems, rather than dealing with them as they occur. The well known phrase "prevention is the best cure" springs to mind here, and it is indeed one idea behind the moral recovery program.

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