How To Press A Woman Breast?


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You may want to pick up a copy of the Kama Sutra or another book like it.

  • Sex Education Books
There are plenty of books available to learn about sex and foreplay. These books are available for online purchase or in stores. There are also a few online sites that might have certain guides that can help.

  • Discussing things with your partner
It is far better to discuss how you might touch a woman by talking with your partner. Though you can learn certain things from experience and through books, you may find your partner has specific things she likes.

  • Abstinence
Given the question, a person asking it may be fairly young and inexperienced. Anyone who is a teenager should practice abstinence rather than learning about foreplay or sexual intercourse from experience. There is plenty of time to learn these things when one is of age and means. Accidents do happen with regards to pregnancy, even when birth control is used. Someone who is not old enough to truly support themselves without help from their parents should avoid foreplay and sexual intercourse.

  • Movies
There are also movies available from rental stores, online, or that you can buy that can help you learn what this question asks. With such things as these aids, you can obtain some education though they are not always the best.

When a person is old enough to take the steps towards having a partner willing to "make out" chances are that person is just as nervous as you. Talking about certain likes and dislikes can help make the experience better.

On the off chance this is not what is meant by the question and one is asking from a more medical perspective it is best to speak with a physician.
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Press it harder and harder till she tells it to leave it...kiss on her breast and apply some oil in it...
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Warm your hands up real good and go to town!!! Tune in
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Just take breath and star to press breast when she will cry  then leave it.

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