What Is The Name Of The Mustard Phobia?


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Yea, but some people actually have a raging fear of mustard. I knew a guy who would be on the other side of the room if you had mustard, and he'd hit you if you brought it near him
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There is no documented name for a fear of mustard. You call it mustophobia or something.
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Hm, that's what I thought but my friend said he saw it once but I just wanted to make sure. Thank you so much.
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That is so funny because I absolutely HATE mustard!  I hate looking at it, I hate smelling it, I definitely won't touch it!  I put in on the back shelf of the refrigerator and won't let other things even get near the mustard....Mustard phobia, huh?
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I thought of you as soon as I saw this question! Did you have a traumatic mustard experience in your childhood?
Pamela Krueger
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I don't know...maybe my mother ate mustard the whole time she was carrying me in her stomach and it slowly poisoned me! lol

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