Can Anyone Tell Me How To Judge A Person By His Face?


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I do not think that you should judge a person by his face, because it is completely unfair. It's like the saying, "You can't judge a book by it's cover.". It's like you don't give the person you are judging a chance, really.
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I think you can not fully judge one's inner self with just looking the face. But yes you can know a lot by studying their eye and facial expressions.

Like experienced teachers are good at it.  They know when student knows the answer and when he is doesn't.

Some Facial expression are very common like some people look down and don't talk much they are kind of reserve personality. Some people eyes are always shining and telling that they are always up to something. If people keep on rolling their eyes while talking then there is some thing wrong means either they are telling lie or hiding some thing.

Some people use to give half smile this shows they are confident ones. And so on.
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Jannifer here is right, its difficult to really know a person just by looking at them. As your life goes on however you do build up patterns of recognition called heuristics.

These are basically short cuts for your brain that will associated certain features with attribute traits, while they amy not always be true in a scientific sense they will be true based on your life experience.

There are little things to help tell people are insecure or lying such as inability to make eye contact.

Generally someone eyes reveal the most about them, its something you have to learn but just look them in the eye and listen to your feelings instead of trying to over think it.
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You should not judge by there face. You should be able to look at a guy and get to know the guy before you go out. You should never judge
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OK you don't have to judge someone straight away as a bad/good person but your brain will create an overall view within two minute of meeting someone new to what follows next is down to common sense and trust
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You should never judge a book by it's cover, deep down inside this person can be as sweet as can be. You just have to be careful  but you can never tell what a person is like until you talk to him or her
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Some people use to hide their actual character. What they are they never show, its really difficult to know something about them only by looking at their face.

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