What Is Organsm?


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I am assuming this question means what is orgasm rather than what is an organism. An orgasm is an intense feeling of pleasure during intercourse. Some refer to it as climaxing. Men and women both have orgasms. When a person has an orgasm, their heart will beat faster and breathing becomes quicker and heavier.
For women, there is a tension that accompanies contractions of the genital muscles. It is possible, with the right stimulation, for a woman to have more than one orgasm during sex. With men, the muscles contract allowing semen to be ejaculated into the woman from the fireman's helmet of the penis. There is a short period of time where a man will be unable to have another orgasm. There is a needed recovery phase where the penis and testicles will shrink back to their normal size. It can be minutes or hours for this to occur.
An orgasm is not a necessary part of sex. It is meant to be a pleasurable experience in order to achieve a higher level of satisfaction. There are certain medications that can make an orgasm difficult. For those who have trouble, spending more time on arousal such as being more sensual can bring about the desired outcome.
If the assumption was wrong and you actually meant to spell organism rather than orgasm, then an organism is a living system such as a plant, animal, fungus or micro-organism. Organisms respond to stimuli, reproduce, grow and develop. Organisms can be unicellular meaning single celled or multi-cellular like the human body. Humans are organisms by this definition. In general, most consider organisms to be bacteria, small living things and plants. Given our higher developmental stages, humans tend to like distinguishing themselves from the bare basics of what an organism is actually defined as.
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Personal satisfaction achieved after the sexual intercourse

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