Is Cody Simpson Gay?


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  • Is Cody Simpson Gay?
Cody Simpson has never told the press he is gay or done anything to suggest he is gay. He has a song called 'Love so Strong' which he claimed was inspired by a girl from home during an interview with Popstar Magazine. Although he did not explicitly state it, this quote suggests that he was in love with a girl and this would lead to the conclusion that Cody Simpson is not gay. It is common for people to spread rumors about pop stars and their sexual orientation by people who are jealous of their success.

  • Who is Cody Simpson?
Cody Simpson is a 14-year-old Australian singer from the Gold Coast in Australia. His record company is the US label Atlantic Records and he moved to the US in 2010 to pursue his singing career.

  • Singles
Cody Simpson has five singles: 'iYiYiY' which reached number 19 in the Australian chart, 'All Day' which only reached number 97 in the Australian chart, 'Summertime', 'I Want Candy', and 'On My Mind' which did not enter the chart.
  • Awards
He won the Nickelodeon Australian Kids' Choice Awards in 2010 and also the Breakthrough of the Year awards in 2010. He was nominated for J-14 Teen Icon Awards, the Capricho Awards and Hollywood Teen TV awards. He is also an avid swimmer and has won gold medals at the Queensland Swimming Championships.
  • Gay Celebrities
It is rare that teenage celebrities reveal that they are gay at such a young age and they are much more likely to reveal details of their personal lives when they reach their early 20s and are more confident in themselves and feel able to share their sexual orientation with the world. Many gay teens find that they are bullied and it can be a difficult thing to reveal at such a young age.
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Hell no is he gay!
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He is the bigest gay and justin bieber
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Oh my god if he was gay I would die instantly !!!
Cody simpson is noy gay the ones who thinks he is gay and keeps saying he is gay your just a hater

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