What Are The Names Of Will Smith's Parents And Siblings?


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Will Smith shares the same name as his father Willard Christopher Smith. His mother's name is Caroline.

Will Smith also has 3 siblings:

  • His sister Pamela (who is four years older than Will)
  • Fraternal twins, Harry and Ellen (who are three years younger than Will).

Will Smith's family Will Smith's name reveals several fascinating facts:

  • His full name is Willard (not William, as many people mistakenly believe).
  • He shares the same name as his father, making him Will Smith Jr. Or Will Smith II.
  • His son, who goes by the nickname 'Trey' also shares the name Willard Smith.
The last point is particularly interesting, because this would explain the nickname 'Trey': tre is Spanish for 'three', and Trey is the third member of the Smith family to have the forenames William Christopher.

Not much is known about the Smith family in general, as they tend to keep well out of the limelight. What we do know is that Will Smith and his family actually grew up in West Philadelphia (where Smith's character in the hit TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air originates from).

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