My Husbands Knee Is Making A Clicking Sound? What's Wrong?


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 Sounds like torn cartilage.. In fact I'd bet on it... And I'm not a betting woman.
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Yes I have experienced the same.  As we age the padding between muscles and bones can actually be worn away from an old injury or arthritis. The first time I heard mine I was home alone walking down the hall and turned around thinking someone was in the hall with me. In some cases this can be repaired.  I have had heart surgery that was not totally effective so being put to sleep to correct mine is not worth the chance on being put to sleep. Tell your husband I feel his pain. Take Care
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It could also be bone fragments in the kneecap area. It almost sounds like what I had 4-5 yrs ago which was a torn ligament in my left knee which was painful and I had arthritis in my right knee also painful. Doc wanted to do surgery on left knee but said can't do anything for the right knee. I tried some purple powder and have been pain free both knees for 3.5 yrs.
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I will be looking into purple powder. So nice to have advice or possibilities.Thanks

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