Astrologically, Is A Pisces Boy And A Sagittarius Girl A Good Match?


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Yes, a Pisces boy and a Sagittarius girl can be a really good match, and make for a very loving and long lasting relationship!

Pisces boy and Sagittarius girl compatibility
  • Both a Pisces boy and a Sagittarius girl can be restless in love, although this may not be a bad thing, as this can lead to a higher level of excitement and spontaneity in your relationship!
  • They both share admirable qualities of kindness and caring for each other, which makes a relationship between the two a very lovely affair.
  • A Pisces man and Sagittarius girl should have a strong mutual understanding.

Pisces boy and Sagittarius girl incompatibility

  • A Pisces boy and Sagittarius girl may not be able to fulfil each other's needs, but they can each appreciate what the other may have to offer.
  • A Sagittarius woman can be very impatient and a Pisces boy may well test her limited patience.
  • Pisces find it very difficult to make decisions and this will not sit well with a Sagittarius girl.

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It is the feeling you get when you are together.  You will know whether or not you are compatible.  Do not be guided too much by star signs - if they were a good guide then there would be no failed marriages.

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