My Husband Doesn't Pay For Child Maintenance, How To Claim For It?


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Why would you need to claim it? It is not income to you, it is income to the child. You are able to claim the child as a deduction from your taxes due to the added expenses of raising the child.

One word of note, money given to raise a child is child support. Money given to a spouse is called maintenance. If you were to confuse these in front of a judge, the judge may think that you are being a gold digger and deny any maintenance.

If you are looking to get child support from your husband, you need to take it to court. The judge will approve it if you are separated as well.

What you can do is see if you are getting more by having him pay what he is now or if he would have to pay more by paying support Here's what you do:

Figure out how much he pays annually right now with half the rent and utilities.

Figure out what his salary and your salary is annually and what the difference is

Find out what your state says it takes to raise a child. This is a firm number always used in divorce settlements to figure out child support.

Figure out then, by taking the differences in salary how much of the child support payment he would have to pay.

If he is paying more by doing half the bills, leave it alone. If you find that he would need to pay more by paying support, get it processed in the court and have him pay support.
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I am a lone parent and my youngest childs father works how do I go about getting maintenance of him
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If I was paying childmaintenence and wasnt getting ang reciepts as proove of payment where do I stand

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