My Child Seems To Be Unsatisfied After Breast Breasts Seem To Be Much Smaller Could It Be I Don't Have Much Milk..(my Baby Is Almost 4 Months Old...does She Need Food Supplement..H E L P?


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This might be the reason but still since its related to a baby, I would suggest you to contact a doctor first and don't take any chances..... Take care.....
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Hopefully your joking. But if your serious here goes. Your mammal glands should be stimulated from so much as thinking of your baby, hearing, and definitely holding your baby. Your breast should swell as they fill with milk and begin to leak, from your nipples. If you can get to a Wal Mart and purchase a breast pump. If your breasts have gotten smaller then they were just after birth. You may have actually dried up and need to purchase baby food at just about any grocery store. Just read the information on the bottle or can. That will help you provide the best nutrition for your baby.

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