How Are Genes And Alleles Related?


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An allele is a form of a gene that determines a specific trait.
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You can say that alleles and the genes is the same thing. Genes are responsible for different traits in living things. Whenever there is some variation in that trait, more than one type of genes are responsible for those variation. Then those variant genes are known as "Alleles". For example, there are different eye colors found in human beings. A person with blue eyes carries the specific allele responsible for that eye color. Similarly, a person with brown eye color will have allele of brown eye color. So, alleles are genes, but with variations.
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Genes and alleles are related because alleles are inside a gene. Allele is defined with each of two or more alternative forms of a gene. Whereas gene, are found at the same position in a chromosome.

In population genetics, allele frequency is used to reflect the genetic diversity of a population species.

Here is an interesting calculator of how to calculate Allele Frequency i.e P frequency and Q frequency.

Use this online calculator to estimate the relative frequency of a
variant of a gene in a specific population using Hardy-Weinberg

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