How To Divide My Time?


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AISHA WAJID answered

You need to make a proper time table and also keep a proper follow up of it. You Know your study is very important, as without it your future will not be brighten up, but at the same time proper food,rest and extracurricular activities should also not be neglected.

So make a time table in which divide the 24 hours of the day as,

- Take 8 hours of sleep at night
- Sleep early and wake up early
- Try to learn the things in early morning hours as at this time your mind works faster than the other hours of the day.
- Take one hour of rest after coming from school than give at least 3 hours to your studies.
- Try to do your numerical work in evening and for learning things use early morning hours.
- Also give a hour or maximum two for plying and exercising on daily basis.

Best of luck.
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chen lyfen answered
Hi you should write down what you want to do on the date or everyday do the importance at first and arrange yourself as if you are a busy person then you would have many things to do or meet people so divide the time by writing down or make your diary can help you to do something regularly and make you to have a good habit.
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Suhail Ajmal answered
You have to divide your time into three categories.
3-Friends and Sports

If you will not take proper rest then you can't be energetic enough to do anything so your sleeping time should be fixed no matter what. I suggest you to sleep about 7-8 hours. The content sleeping time varies from person to person. Some sleeps 5 hours a day and they are fresh and some 10 hours a days and they still look sleepy. 7-8 hours would be enough for you and medically recommended.

Secondly after coming from school, you can take a little rest of about 30 minutes and then you have to start study again. I don't recommend studying at night. In the evening you should spare about 1 and half hour for exercise and for your friends. After that time you should also give some time to study.
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curvie bunnie answered
First you need to set your goals and what you want to accomplish... Decide which one is your priority accordingly... Rest is as important and studies... My personal opinion, friends should be d last on your list...

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