How Do I Find Out Alternate Email Addresses My Boyfriend Is Using?


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There are many ways on how you can find out about your boyfriend's alternate email addresses. Here are some of them:

• Check his profile

Alternate email addresses are included when making an email address. If your boyfriend has an email address which you're already familiar with, check out his alternate email address using his profile. If you're lucky, he has one which you can open using different possible passwords including the one you're using to open his account.

• Check his personal belongings

Play little miss detective by going over your boyfriend's personal belongings. You can check his wallet; drawers, pockets, bags and other places where he can possibly have kept a copy of his alternate email address. People tend to write them down to ensure they don't forget it so your man may have stashed it somewhere. However, be very discreet about this since you don't want him to discover you've been rummaging through his stuffs and start a fight.

• Ask him

Be bold enough to ask your boyfriend. Some men value their privacy in such a way that they don't want their women knowing about their alternate email address. However, if you've proven to your boyfriend that you can be trusted and you have good intentions in knowing his email address, perhaps you can convince him to give it to you.

If you really trust your boyfriend, there's no need for you to know everything about him, particularly his email addresses. Your man needs some privacy too and that's one thing you have to respect. If he prefers keeping it to himself, just stop bugging him about it. What's important is that he remains honest and faithful to you. However, if you suspect something is wrong, be brave enough to confront him about it. Talking things over with your man is better than invading his privacy.

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