Is My Baby's Heart Beat Normal?


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Zehra Kamal answered
As far as I know, you baby's heartbeat seems to be quite normal and there is nothing to worry about. But I suggest you also ask your doctor just to be completely sure. Good Luck!
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I'm 6 weeks 3 days , and yes you can hear the babys heartbeat that early , my baby jumps around from 125- 130 , that completely normal !!! Ultrasound tomorrow for us , :):)
good luck with everything :)
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Suhail Ajmal answered
You can't hear the fetal heart beat until you are 9 or 10 weeks pregnant. Heartbeat of 125 is pretty normal. Even if it is above than that like 136 in six weeks of pregnancy, it is perfect.
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Leah goodison answered
That is not normally normal but because your so early till be fine

in the next months if it doesn't improve call a doctor :D
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Jerson Lee answered
I agree with the other members with their answers, 125 is normal. Nothing to worry about :)
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My daughter had the same heart beat she's now three months, 125 is a good heart beat

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