In South Carolina What Age Can A Teen Leave Home Without Permission?


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By "Sc", I'm assuming you mean S.Carolina ?  But it really doesn't matter what State you live in. The Law states you are an adult as of 17 yrs old. However if your parents get the Law involved, you have to prove that you have shelter ( a place to live ) and income. ( a job ).  OR someone willing to say they will take care of you and provide for you.  Unless you are being subject to physical or sexual abuse at home, it's best to stay at home and do you best to avoid arguments. Life cost a lot -- rent, food, gas, electric, phone, clothes , car gas and care and spending money ( which you won't have any left for spending).  Just try and hang in there, and get a college education so you can move out later and afford it.  However --  If you are being abused in any way -  tell your Teacher and any Church Pastor and any adult so others know when your parents deny it, then Call the Police.   Good Luck !
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17 if got a job
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You can move out anywhere in America when you are 16, but I would suggest you think about it before doing so. Moving out at age 17, means that you aren't done with high school yet, so I would ask you to wait till you at least finish 12th grade and then apply for college. If your parents were to send out a search unit stating that they didn't know where you were then they could punish you, but it would never be jail.

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