Does Mastivation Has Side Effect?


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Mastication does not tend to have any side effects detrimental to your health. If anything, it is something that should be encouraged and could cause more danger if it is not carried out properly.

Mastication is the process by which food is chewed and crushed by your teeth once it enters the mouth. It is the first step of digestion where the enzymes contained in your saliva breaks down some of the chemical bonds residing in the sugars in your food. Also, your glands secrete enzymes that start to digest the fat of the food you are eating. Lengthening the process of mastication, or chewing, allows more of these enzymes to break down the substances you are digesting, making it easier for the other organs that complete the digestive cycle.

There aren’t any damaging side effects caused by the process of mastication; however there could be more problems if people don’t masticate enough. For example, if you don’t spend enough time chewing your food then the absorption of the vitamins and nutrients contained in the substance will be minimal. In addition, if you swallow large portions without chewing properly or you eat very quickly then the lining of your throat could become damaged as well as your oesophagus. Moreover, if you don’t masticate enough then your stomach will have to work twice as hard to digest the food which could result in heartburn, flatulence and indigestion. Chewing slowly will ultimately improve your digestion cycle and perhaps encourage you to consume less as you’ll spend more time enjoying your food.

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