Are All The Wonderful Things In The World Priceless?


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No! All the wonderful things in the world are not priceless. Do you pay any price for your dreams? And I do think that is a wonderful thing.
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Some say that money can not buy happiness. But ask those who do not have money. Yet there are a lot of wonderful things that we take for granted and they are priceless. Taking a walk along the beach at sunset is priceless. When a kid falls in your lap, that feeling is beautiful and it is priceless. Complimenting someone who has had a rough day by saying, you look pretty is effortless and price less. When your mother has had a long day of work and she forgets that today is a special day for her. If you make a handmade card and wish her happy mother's day, that moment is something that she will never forget, because it came straight from your heart. Some measure the wonderful things in term of money.

A Barbie doll is a wonder thing for a child and it comes with money, some might argue. A mother's loves for the same child is even more wonderful and does not cost any thing. So it all depends on what you consider as wonderful and beautiful. Material things might have a price but do you consider them as precious?
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God Almighty has blessed man with many wonderful things and all those things we can say are priceless. In those things we can count sunlight, air, trees, water, light of the moon and many such thousands of things, which we cannot even count or remember and they are priceless and free of cost. Now we come towards your question that all the wonderful things in the world priceless can be narrated in the following way.

No doubt we have to pay for all the comforts and wonderful things in the world and if we count it materialistically, we can say that we have to pay for everything available for our comforts. But on the other hand if we count many wonderful things, which are blessed by God Almighty, there is no doubt they are excellent and priceless. They are so important that we can't survive without them. Suppose if we take examples of sunlight, air and water, can be think of survival without them for even one minute or so though the time of survival may be different. So we can say that not all but few wonderful things, which are blessed by God, are priceless.
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money is what we use every day, a shopping trip makes me tired, but a hug, costing no money gave me back a smile.
My opinion is having less money can bring you down, but loads of money is depressing. You should take for granted what you have and buy what you need with the money
also enjoy all the little things in life
a simple hug/kiss
a song you like
a walk across the beach
a nap
a smile
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Obviously, money are very necessary for everyone to live especially in these circumstances, in which Pakistan is indulge.But I also agree  that money is not everything for us.There are Many other things in life, that are very necessary for us.

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