What Are Implications Of Content And Relationship Dimensions?


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The major implications of these content and relationship dimensions center on conflict and its effective resolution. Many problems between people result from failure to recognize the distinction between the content and the relationship dimensions of communication. For example, consider a couple arguing over the fact that Pat made plans to study with friends during the weekend without first asking Chris if that would be all right. Probably both would agree that to study over weekend is the right decision. Thus the argument is not primarily concerned with the content level. It centers on relationship level; Chris excepted to be consulted about plans for the weekend. Pat is not doing so, rejected this definition of their relationship.

Let me give you a personal example. My mother came to stay for a week at my house. On the first day, she swept the kitchen floor six times, although it did not need sweeping. But she continued. On the content level we were talking about the value off sweeping in the kitchen floor, but on the relationship level we were talking about something quite different we were saying "it is my house" when I realized this I stopped complaining and not surprisingly she stopped sweeping

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