How Does A Pakistani Bachelor Face His Dilemma?


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A Pakistani bachelor is in a worse position than his American or western counterpart. Pakistan is an Islamic society. Here social and religion values do not encourage a man to remain bachelor beyond the age of marriage. After this age a bachelor becomes undesirable in Pakistani society.

He is bothered with strange questions by his friends and relatives. Everyone tries to find some moral weakness, medical defect or psychological problem in him. He is ridiculed by all, young and old alike for not getting married. He is considered morally week and untrustworthy. Young ladies feel very uncomfortable in his company. He is also considered inexperienced and irresponsible.

In Pakistani society, marriage is the standard to judge the character, honor and nobility of a man. It is Key to respect success and happiness, man can not run a hose without a wife, he depends upon others for his daily needs, and sex is one of the major problems. But he can satisfy his sexual urge only through marriage. All other ways are strictly forbidden and punishable.

In Pakistan people have no social or economic security. Parents heavily depend upon their children for the care they need when they are ill or old. A bachelor will have no one to look after him in case of illness or disability. The dilemma of a Pakistani bachelor is complex and tedious. He lives as a very unhappy, unfortunate and frustrated man. The only solution to his all problems is marriage and he knows it. This is why; chronic bachelors are very rare in Pakistan.

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