Can 'Spanish Fly' Work On Men, Too?


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Spanish fly aphrodisiac is a synthetic stimulant that is supposed to boost a woman's libido.

In my opinion, the product probably works just as well on men - because it's unlikely to work at all!

Does Spanish Fly work on guys? Spanish fly has just as much chance of working on men as it does on women, seeing as the whole thing is complete baloney!

The concept of Spanish Fly is based on an ancient aphrodisiac derived from a type of beetle (Lytta vesicatoria).

The wings of the beetle were used for a number of different purposes, although everyone from Henry IV through to the Marquis De Sade is known to have used it for its sex-enhancing properties.
Unfortunately, however, the beetle turned out to be poisonous.

What's wrong with taking Spanish Fly?
The synthetic Spanish Fly that is sold nowadays doesn't contain any beetle extracts, although its marketing campaign reeks of dung!

One particular website selling Spanish Fly claims that the product contains beetle traces but is also 100% herbal (a bit of a contradiction!).

Hilariously, the copywriters of the advert even managed to slip in a sly disclaimer amidst the cheesy advertising jargon:

"In spite of its immense popularity, it has been banned in many countries because researchers have found the Spanish fly is not free of side effects. Regular consumption of the drug is detrimental to both health and sexual life". Not something you'd want to read about a so-called aphrodisiac!
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It's the GENUINE thing!


It's often labeled the legendary natural treatment to liven up your private life! For men and women.

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