How To Check My Partners Text Messages Without Him Knowing?


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If you would like to know what your partner’s text messages contain you will have to be very careful about first obtaining his mobile phone without knowing. It is a dangerous game to play as after all you may find something that you don’t want to find out.
Suppose he has been soliciting a sordid affair for the past 12 months or maybe even more. You could be exposed to a number of things including illicit pictures text messages and much more. If your partner is out and he forgets his phone then there might be an opportunity to pounce in order to obtain information on a whole host of things.
If you know the passwords to his online account then this will give you the opportunity to discover in great detail a whole host of things. As mobile service providers offer a lot of things online you will have exposure to detailed online records of messages when they were sent, what time they were sent, when he replied, how many texts he has been sending per month, week, day, hour and minute.
There are different programs available on the Internet. A lot of them you can download to your computer but you will have to sneakily install it onto your husband’s phone for it to work.
If you are deciding to snoop around for your partner’s texts then please take caution at all times as you could very well get caught in the act. However getting online access if at all possible is certainly the safer way to proceed as you will be able to look at several records which can often date back several years.
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Kill your partner then take control of his/her phone... For sure he/she will never know that you have read his/her text messages.

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