What Is An Example Of Manipulative Play?


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Getting children to clean up a basement, for ice cream. After the job is done.
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Not to discredit the other answers, as they are both sage
suggestions, but the actual definition of manipulative play in terms of
the developmental stages of children are actions and play that involve
the use of hands.

Babies explore manipulative play through actions such
as building, fitting things together, or using play-dough to change the
shape of objects etc. Manipulative play develops and improves hand
coordination as well as developing fine motor skills.

Hope this helps.

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One we can all understand...
  The car drives up
  the lady holds candy out to the child and begins talking.
  The child walks up to the car to hear and take the candy.

  The lady pulls the child in the car.
the adult manipulated the child with the candy.....Do NOT fall for this trick
or you may never see your parents, friends again!

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