How Do I Connect With My Inner Self?


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In order to connect with your soul or your inner self, it is very important to take time off with whatever you do and sit back and relax your mind. You should leave all your worries behind and leave all the luxuries behind as well. You should disconnect all your telephone lines and keep close all the doors and windows of a room. You should also put a board on your main door that says you are not at home. In a room, you should just meditate. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing.

You should have a clear conscience and keep all the negativities behind. You should also do various techniques of Yoga and Tai Chi. You should read more about the history and benefits of Yoga and Tai Chi.

Through this, you will be able to understand the facts of life and get in touch with reality. This way you will be more spiritual which will ultimately lead you to be more religious and be a better person in life.
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I find myself when I have a specific question I need answered in mind and go anywhere quite (i.e. up a mountain, by a lake, sea, at a park, etc) and pray to Heavenly Father. I tend to spend time on the things I like to do, if I really want to feel at peace, I would take the time to feel the results.
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I took this year off from school, in the beginning I thought that I was doing it to empower my C.V;  later on I figured out that I took the year off to relax, again after awhile I figured out that I am in a quest to find my inner peace and I did. You you me.

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