What Is The Correct Spelling Of Granddaughter?


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The way that you have spelled it is correct, though many people are not comfortable about using the double 'd' in the middle of the word. Some people prefer to hyphenate it, such as grand-daughter, which is how it actually used to be written. This is because it is usual to place a hyphen in the middle of two words that are used together, but over time they evolve and become just one word.

An example of this are words such as online; this is two words put together, which were once written as on-line. In fact, once upon a time 'together' would have been written as to-gether but if you were to type it like this on your computer now you will probably get a red line underneath it to tell you that you have spelled it wrong.

Spelling words that conform to a universal standard is a relatively new phenomena; even Shakespeare used many different spellings, even in words that he used regularly. This was not down to ignorance but was the norm of the time. Even his name is spelled differently on many occasions.

This has led to confusion on more than one occasion but conformity was brought about by Samuel Johnson, who achieved enormous acclaim for writing and having published the first ever satisfactory English dictionary, 'A Dictionary of the English Language,' in 1755.

This now very famous dictionary took Johnson nine years to write and earned him the nickname Doctor Dictionary.

Johnson earned 1,500 guineas for writing his dictionary, which is £1,575 and equates to £230,000 nowadays. Amazingly, he completed this work single handedly, and only received clerical help to copy illustrative quotes that he wanted to be included.

For 173 years, until the Oxford English Dictionary was published, Johnson's work was regarded as the pre-eminent English dictionary.
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The word "granddaughter" is spelt as "g-r-a-n-d-d-a-you-g-h-t-e-r". If the word is used in the plural sense the word "s" is added at the end. The word granddaughter is the word used to refer to the daughter of ones daughter or son. The word granddaughter therefore implies a grandchild whose sex is female. The word for male children of daughters or sons is grandson.

The word granddaughter is formed by basically the joining of the two words "grand" and "daughter". The latter part of the word daughter is taken from the Middle English word "doughter" and derived from the Old English word "dohtor" and it means a person's female child or offspring. The word grand though refers to a number of things would here imply the meaning of having a higher rank. It is taken from the Middle English and derived from the Latin word "grandis".
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Your spelling is correct: GRANDDAUGHTER. Some people use a hyphen - GRAND-DAUGHTER - but this is quite old-fashioned now and doesn't affect the spelling.
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The correct spelling is granddaugher, as it would be in grandmother/grandson etc. See this, by the way it is POTATO never POTATOE. The 'e' is only added in the plural i.e POTATOES
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Granddaughter or grand-daughter are both correct it is like potato or potatoe you can spell it however it suits you.
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