What to do if a friend says something in the past bad that applies to you or something really stupid? Examples in comments


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Once my friend (who is getting bad grades: one A, one D+, rest are F’s) said how all the straight A students are mean and narcissistic, but I getting straight A’s this year so far but I know I’m not that kind of person, especially when I’ve already accepted the fact that my friend is gay. She even hopes to get a perfect score on the SAT (which is possible but I know it’s going to be very hard for her to achieve it)! She also said how as long as anyone is nice to her she would become friends with them (I told her that a lot of bad ppl like kidnappers exists, and she said that she didn’t care). She copied off my homework so many times this past spring, and even this year, and she still says how it’s annoying when ppl copy off her homework (and I’ve never copied any of her homework!). I’ve tried talking her through her thoughts, but she is still very stubborn

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When people are jealous of those who get Straight A's in class that is not right at all my opinion and she even said people getting kidnapped is not a problem , yes I would be looking for better friends

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