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Not everything is about looks when it comes to looking for a significant other or even a friend. If many people nowadays weren't so shallow, basing people only on looks, they'd realize that there are some pretty great males and females with wonderful personalities underneath of that.

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At 8:00PM or 2:00AM?

Seriously, obesity involves one's health more than one's looks---that's a potential problem that you may not want to endure..

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Would you still ask the question if it was a skinny bone girl with an ugly face? SMH

What a coward you are! Now you delete your question "anonymous!?!?" What did you think? We were gonna be shallow like YOU and agree that being fat makes a pretty face suddenly not pretty! Give me a break COWARD!

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No, but I am a heterosexual married woman. So I  don't date anyone,  especially women. Now if I  were a lesbian, I couldn't give you an answer to your question because you left out all the important info. Is she funny and smart? Is she polite and does she treat others with respect? If so, than I would.

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