Will this novel benefit me as a reader? Release that witch: Chen Yan travels through time, only to end up becoming an honorable prince and finds himself in a land of witches and wars.


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You're absolutely right none of us will see a dime, but many of us wouldn't be able to get our stories into the hands of enough readers to make a profit without a platform like this.

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Nooby Slayed
Nooby Slayed commented
Is there a way to reorganize your chapters. Let's say I want to insert a new chapter in between two old ones, can I do that?
Huskie Breed
Huskie Breed commented
Hey.. If I use pc and browse this site... I get access to write the novel??? Is that possible....? Is there any other way to write by using mobile..?
Darn Dan
Darn Dan commented
Is it okay for it not to be mainly Chinese? Like I planned the story to have 4 cultures (the ones in medieval times). Chinese, Japanese and Roman and English.

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