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Broke up with an ex and said i wanted off his car insurance. Why should i help him hes trying to fk me over? I end up paying for it and he owes me alot of money! He’s saying because hes taken me off its £800 he isnt going to give me! Because its £800 extra he has to pay! Is this fair? its not my fault its cost him to take me off and put someone else on! If he had a brain he would just said im off and i would of not known. Because they tell you how much extra/money back you would get! So do i write off that £800 because of what hes said? Or fight and make sure get that along with the rest?  


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Do yourself a big favor and walk away from that jerk, something like that just gets a whole lot worse before it gets any better. Good luck

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Tell me about it! Id love to but ive got myself into debt by helping him out. So i need to try and get some money back although i doubt im going to see any of it. Is it acceptable for him to knock £800 off what he owes me for changing and wanting off his insurance?

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