What kind of toys did you play with in the bath tub as a child?


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Mountain Man answered

These little fellows were deployed on all kinds of missions when I was a young'un.

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Ancient Hippy answered

I remember playing with a baking powder submarine in the tub. The baking powder made the sub dive and then surface. They came in cereal boxes.

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Ray Dart answered

The best toy ever was a piece of pumice stone stuck on the top of the soap. With skill you could "wall of death" it round most of the bath sides before it lost momentum and fell back into the water.

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Gokula krishnan answered

I loved  aeroplanes and Space ships as a child .

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Tom Jackson answered

I remember an old joke by some comic that I heard years ago.

"I was so poor that If I didn't wake up with an erection, I didn't have anything to play with all day."

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Nealious James answered

Hi Yin! The most common of them all, the rubber duck! I used mine for years and it’s still somewhere in the cupboards! Toys used to be very solid back in the days, but it’s certainly not the case anymore. I also had a plastic boat; I really enjoyed sinking it!

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