Would you see a guy again who lied about his nationality in a one night stand?


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Lilly Gray answered

Well technically, as a one night stand, it could be more if you're seeing each other again. But, if he lied, like properly lied... Probably not. You don't want to get yourself caught in a dishonest relationship - one night stand or not. ... Dunno if this helps! Sorry x

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Darik Majoren answered

Depends . . . Did you let on that you like and English or Australian Accent? . . . .

You can either choose this as an indicator that man will forever be dishonest, or that he would do anything to be with you . . .

Is the glass half empty, or half full . . Depends on how you perceive life.

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Nice Girl answered

i dont think lying about one's nationality is a big deal during a one night stand,i mean if the that person didnt like you in the first place then the one night stand wouldnt even had taken place so i guess that when you tell them your real nationality, it shouldnt be quite a problem because hey,even if they're offended after knowing your real nationality, they wouldnt be able to complain to anyone, common, 'cause who likes telling about their one night stands?

but anyway, i'd still like you to say the truth, because it really doesnt matter where you come from you know, until and unless you have a kind heart and respect for others!

btw- the answer is yes or (depends)

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PJ Stein answered

First off,  the thing about a one night stand is that it lasts one night. You can say what you want and it shouldn't matter because you are never going to see that person again. Hence the name ONE NIGHT stand.

Secondly, what difference does the nationality matter? If you like someone after connecting with them on a personal level, why does it matter where they came from? Maybe they lied because you are having the reaction you are having now.

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