What am i supposed to do if as a man i receive any type of fisical aggression from a woman ( slapped in the face, hit in the groin, pushed or assaulted with a weapon) , am i supposed to call 911 to the police so that the police can take care of her?


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If you have been assaulted you can call the police and report it...of course. No one has the right to assault you.

However .. I reread your previous questions and it seems like you are very sexist, aggressive and insensitive towards women. Perhaps that is where you should focus on changing your ways.

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PJ Stein answered

While it is not ok to hit someone, I have to agree with the others about your previous questions. Perhaps you can find someone who can teach you some social graces so that no one wants to hit you.

P.S. The correct spelling for "fisical" is physical. If you had not given examples I would have thought you meant fiscal which has to do with money.

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