If the guy u love got u a pathetic engagment ring would you put it on the internet for everyone to see and judge??


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I'm not that petty. I was raised with manners, and to appreciate things that people give me. If my man gave me a ring from a dime store candy dispenser, I'd think it was the best gift ever. Because I truly love him and it's the message behind that gift that is the real gift not the ring itself.

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No .. But I would also never consider any engagement ring "pathetic" .. If it was a token of a promise from someone I loved (and all he could afford) I would be happy with a soda can pull tab. 

Anyone who not only thinks their engagement ring is pathetic but further intends to humiliate their fiancé.. is shallow and toxic and the relationship is already doomed to fail. 

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Lard Ass answered

If I loved a man enough to say yes to a marriage proposal....I wouldn't care what kind of ring he put on my finger, imo that's shallow. The trinket is not what it's about, it's the love and meaning behind it that matters...

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Darik Majoren answered

So let's take a look - "If the guy u love got u a pathetic engagement ring would you put it on the internet for everyone to see and judge?"

One would think the engagement to be wed is enough for someone "In Love" . . . To then assign "Pathetic" to the "Symbol" of the promise to wed negates the aforementioned "Love" . . . So, is it a trophy to be worn in bragging adornment, or is more then a mere trinket, but a symbol to be acknowledged privately  . . . Intimately?

I find the "Start" of a couples journey together to be a harbinger of things to come should times get  . . . Tough.

Love and commitment SHOULD be enough . . . The symbol of the ring should be just that.

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Danae Hitch answered

First off, I wouldn't be putting a pix of the ring on social media. I don't need anyone's approval or judgment.

Secondly, as previously stated, the ring is a symbol of his love for me.

Third, I don't need an engagement ring to celebrate our commitment to marriage.

Fourth, it seems shallow that people need validation on social media on what constitutes someone's love for them.

Thanks for tuning in. That is all.

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Tom Jackson answered

Well, while it may perhaps be unfortunate, it would seem that your opinion would be the most accurate in this case.

If I were you, I would take another look at what your expectations are for this relationship when and if you marry.

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Yin And Yang answered

Hell yah I would post it....... PROUDLY and if anyone ever tried to say something negative about my ring I would tell them to kiss my backside!

(That is if I was into posting things on social media)

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KB Baldwin answered

I think you should to that - and be honest and tell the guy face-to-face that you think his ring is "pathetic".  You might just save the young man a lot of grief down the road by revealing your true character to him now, while he still has time to run. 

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Twisted Juju answered

If somebody loves someone else a "pathetic" piece of jewlery such an enagement ring wouldn't matter. While what someone gets us is the reciprication of what we feel for them, it's really the thought indended behind the act. An engagement ring no matter how expensive is a symbol of love, and commitment, and wanting to be with the one you love.

I could only imagine, if I were in the shoes of someone who had their relationship mocked by someone who felt a ring was pathetic, and then posting it on social media. That it's more of jab on our relationship than a ring.

I didn't have a lavish ring when I asked my fiance to marry me, it was only $800, but I knew she would have been happy with a ring from a cracker jack box or from a gumball machine. I don't ever think she would have called anything I got her pathetic (except for the rock I was going to gave her when I was 8 only because it was more like a piece of gravel and I was being goofy, and lost it two seconds later), but she respects the way I feel. Did she post the ring on Facebook? Yep she did, but I was with her in the photo. The way she smiled, when she took the photo and the way her eyes sparkeled with excitement were what I long for in a relationship.

But having someone judge us for a relationship based on a ring. F*** that, my fiance and I have been through more than people would realize, and we're still standing strong together. If they don't understand the relationship/concetion or whatever it may be becasue of a ring. It'd be their loss not mine.

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