Did you ever buy your children (nieces and nephews) toys from their favorite cartoons? What were they?


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I've bought my niece lots of "frozen" merchandise cos she was a bit obsessed ... But when she comes to spend time with me at my house ,  she likes to play with all my old nail polish bottles and we fake that they are people ... ( Mrs. Pink .. Mr. Black... All my green nail polishes are dogs , I'm not sure why ) so I'm thinking I can save some money this Christmas :p

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Jr has the trains from Thomas and Friends and the rabbit chewed off the hook so the caboose's can not attached to the engine and Jr is upset! Lol!

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Virginia Lou
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Oh, oh...definitely a crisis, here...
Yin And Yang
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LOLOLOL! My daughter and her boyfriend just bought him a new one so crisis has been averted! :0)
Virginia Lou
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Oh Thank Heaven for that...life can continue now, and the world will keep turning!
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Like you, my son and nephew were into Thomas and Friends. They both had train tables for their trains and tracks. Both metal and wooden.

My daughter went through two phases, the first was Little Mermaid and then Mulan. She dressed in a Little Mermaids dress up outfit for one whole summer. Washed it every day after she went to sleep. She did the same thing with a Mulan dress up kimono.

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I remember buying a TON of Strawberry Shortcake stuff for my daughter.

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Dear Y&Y,

omg YES! My god daughter's little brother was only eight when TOY STORY came out...and we ended up with Woody, and Buzz Lightyear, and wasn't the little girlfriend named Jessie or something?

And this was REAL. They definitely came to life at night when no one was looking...

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My second son was crazy about E T when it came out. He had annET bed quilt, and pillow and an ET lunch box.  He also had assorted ET toys. 

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