What's your main one goal for your life? Please no links, scriptures, or two goals. I just want to know what's your main goal for your life,


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PJ Stein answered

To be remembered as someone who was kind and caring.

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Matt Radiance answered

I won't go in details cause i don't want call it out specifically.

But my main goal is the one who going to be consider as my main career, my dream and the life i always wanted it live since i was a kid, there are two careers that i grew up with constantly (but don't worry it's one goal, just had to choose and almost did) i could reach the high levels much sooner than today! But due personal problems (thanks to my father) i couldn't! But never gave up! And when everything keep going right as i'm sure it will, i'll be mainstreamed, first for the U.S and then for the whole world. And when i reach the highest levels, all i care about is to inspire people to reach their own dreams.

Here you are, my main goal.

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Jazlyn Bell answered

My goal would be to be a professional artist. Ever since I was a kid I would always draw, so just improving more and more each day would be amazing. That's my goal.

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Danae Hitch answered

To be content with what I have and who I am.

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otis campbell answered

i have no idea what my goal is. All i know my health is not too good. Maybe i never had a goal . I just went through life aimlessly and now the end is near.

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Tom Jackson answered

Not sure I ever settled on one ahead of time; but it retrospect one of the lyrics from The Impossible Dream might be applicable

This is my quest
To follow that star
No matter how hopeless
No matter how far
To fight for the right
Without question or pause
To be willing to march,
march into hell
For that heavenly cause

(Doesn't seem like a single thing, but I just consider the main thing just has a lot of modifying phrases.)

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Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson commented
Yes and yes.

I saw Peter O'Toole star as Don Quixote in Texas many years ago.

Previously, I had only heard the song sung similar to the way Frank Sinatra sang "My Way."

O'Toole sang it as the character Don Quixote would have sung it.

After about 30 seconds, it was a real eye-opener---and perfectly done.
Didge Doo
Didge Doo commented
Gomer Pyle did a great job on it too. Jim Naybor has a remarkable voice.
Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson commented
First time someone told me Nabors could sing, I thought they were kidding.

I subsequently was blown away.
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My goal in life has changed several times. Right now I just want to be able to stay around long enough to see my youngest one graduate college.

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