Hi...this is very awkward. I'm female, and I used something that shouldn't of been used as a sex toy as a sex toy, and now I'm worried I may have a infection. It's red (not normal), inflamed, sometimes itchy, and it sore sometimes down there?


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Anonymous, the doctor is waiting on you to come visit. 

You need to educate yourself before you insert any items into you.

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See your doctor??

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Without an examination, which you are not going tot get here, no one can tell you exactly what's wrong. My advice is to stop using random objects to pleasure yourself and go see a doctor.

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This could be a number of things....easiest of which could be a yeast infection. You can get over the counter medication for yeast infection. However, your symptoms are also symptoms of more serious problems. I would suggest you visit your doctor for a proper diagnosis. I wouldn't use "objects" as sex toys....there are numerous ways to obtain items that are for that purpose and can be properly cleaned.

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A doctor would be the first choice, but a female pharmacist would be a good person to talk to.

Avoid using anything that has anything but smooth surfaces in the future.

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