Can someone suggest a few unique wedding venues in Mumbai?


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vijaysen gupta answered

Mumbai is one of the most preferred cities for having a wedding and hence you can find an extensive list of venues available at reasonable rates. Hall, rooftop, lawn and yacht are some of the venues you can choose from. To find some good wedding venues in Mumbai with minimal efforts, visit BuildMyEvent’s official website. I hope this will help you!

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krutika sakpal answered

I do not have much knowledge about the city as I have recently shifted to India. You can try Google to find some.

Tejshree Pradhan Profile

I have generally attended a wedding in a hall or a lawn, so these are the only two wedding venues I can suggest. I do not know any unique options for the same.

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Nagesh Kothari answered

The wedding venue is one of the crucial things that needs to be taken care of in the total wedding preparation. There are various wedding venues in Mumbai wherein you can celebrate your special day in the presence of all your near and dear ones. One of the options available is the popular house of BuildMyEvent who assures best of services taking care of the need of each guest.

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