Uncovered breast feeding. Why do people have a problem with it?


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It's a hangover from the puritans of the Victorian era. At that time almost any part of the female anatomy, was considered offensive and immodest. It was even impolite to refer to a woman's legs; they were called limbs. And it was at that time that "modesty panels" were added to desks to that women's legs would not be exposed to people passing by,

Some people are mired in the past and still see the naked human body -- male or female -- as a source of shame.

We're growing up, of course, but in places like the American Bible Belt and the Islamic theocracies too many are still wallowing in the past.

Breast feeding is natural and non-sexual.

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No need to apologise, Jaimie. It happens fairly regularly. Those buttons are very small. (The only way I can use the alphabet on my smart phone is with the tip if my pinky, and even then I make a hell of a lot of errors.)
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I keep on walking. I have no problem with public breastfeeding.

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The freakin baby blocks the view

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I don't have a problem with it. Most of those that I have noticed that do have a problem are those that think everything in this world should be done to a certain standard. And none of them live up to that standard themselves. 

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Because in any other situation that would classed as indecent exposure. It can also be very uncomfortable for other people. Personally, I would prefer it if they didnt, but if they do, I just look away. Problem solved.

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I am a father of three adult men, and I have always been a fan of breast feeding.

In trying to compose an answer to this question, I realized that at no time in my life have I ever read anything in an etiquette book about the issue.

That led me to the internet to get some perspective.

I found the following link and I think the best answer is to simply suggest that anyone like me who is trying to express an opinion of something that is inherently good, but has other issues around it is to suggest they read this:  www.weedemandreap.com/breastfeeding-in-public-why-this-mama-

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No problem.

Personally, I think it's a woman's right to do so.

If I see it, once I realize what's going on, I avert my eyes to at least imply my respect for her privacy.

But there are both practical and impractical---and perhaps unfortunate---issues that I personally don't have the answers to.
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Possible because somewhere along the way, we decided that breasts were sexual organs.  Of course their original function was always to be a Mobil baby milk bar. 

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