Would you rather be an only child or have many siblings? And Why?


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Lil Princess answered

Only child because my sibilings are really bossy. :)

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I am not an only child. I am 14 and i have a 21 years old sister. I am so glad and happy about that, because if i didn't have her, there would not left anything for me. She understands me, cares about me, and she is my flashlight. "I Love Her So Much" And I thank God everyday for having her.

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Charles Davis answered

An only child, because I could be spoiled more so then my brat of a last child (brother) would have been.... Does that sound childish? Yep. LOL. But I don't care either way honestly.

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Nice Girl answered

Let's look at the both sides of this topic.

If I had my parents both working, being an only child wouldn't be a problem in this modern world of technology but if that's happen in like 20th century then that'd be a problem.

Now whatever world it is , it is always good to have siblings, and when I talk of sibling I mean not one but atleast two so that all in they can make 3 kids, the reason why I'm considering 2 to not be a favourable number of kids become I myself have one brother and we fight a lot . 

Therefore it is good if the children are 3 or more then they  Would fight less, but one advantage of having one sibling is the hard bond , even tho we swear we fight with each other all day, in the end we sleep on each other's shoulder only, the fighting happens if the age gap is too much like that in my case, therefore if a modern parent wants his/her child to be mentally and physically healthy then having more than two kids is a good option.a happy family , a happy bond, what else does one need!:)

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I have an elder brother. He is like an idol and inspiration for me. He guides me whenever I meet with any trouble.He always helps me out even when he is busy at work. I have a lot of respect for him.

We make plans for holiday when he gets a day off and make that day full of adventure. So to have a brother like him is a blessing for me.

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I'm the youngest of 6 so i always had to be the one doing all the slave labor in the house. I don't like it one bit aside from being able to get away with things, it wasn't good.

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I'm an only child but I've always wanted a brother. I guess one or two siblings would be okay but I would hate to have lots, and seeing as the choice is between being an only child or having lots of siblings, I would have to say I'd rather be an only child.

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